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Leading The Way In Mattress Innovation And Technology
For more than 80 years, Serta has been making consistent investments into the highest quality and most innovative features to ensure that every mattress set we manufacture delivers superior comfort and support.  Throughout its history, Serta has been an industry leader, offering many product “firsts” – including the world’s first-ever “tuftless” mattress. Today, Serta is proud to offer a variety of exclusive features and design.


B.S. (Before Serta)
Man rested his head on anything from a pile of rocks and leaves to hay bails and horsehair. Suffice it to say, early man wasn’t a very good sleeper and took a long time to lull himself to sleep by performing mundane mental tasks like counting sheep.


Original Guardian Knight, Sleeper Products, Inc. is formed as a consortium of 13 independent mattress manufacturers. That same year, they produced the industry’s first tuftless innerspring mattress… no tufts, valleys or buttons. It was the world’s first most comfortable mattress of many to come.


Company changes its name to Serta Sleeper Products and moves corporate headquarters from Philadelphia to Chicago.


A powerhouse was forming. Now with 35 manufacturers, Sleeper Products posted $10 million in sales… some 12% of total industry sales.


The company name evolves to Serta, Inc.


As everyone feels the pinch of wartime shortages, Serta produces the “4-A Perfect Sleeper” with resourceful material substitutes.


Serta slants advertising toward growing trend in health consciousness. In response to consumer demand for firmer mattresses, the Serta pedic line is introduced with the tagline: “You sleep ON it, not in it.”

Serta grows TV advertising presence by sponsoring Bob Hope, The Today Show and The Tonight Show.


Americans are sleeping on Serta in droves. 39 plants and over $70 million in sales.


Serta was first to introduce a plusher Pillow Soft® mattress. This new construction countered the theory that you needed a hard mattress for proper back support.

Serta garners even more national attention by hiring screen siren Joey Heatherton as a spokesperson.


Progress marches on! Serta now has 43 manufacturing plants in six countries and 34 licensees.

Serta was first to use convoluted foam (egg crate foam) in the upholstery of its mattresses.

Another industry first! Serta introduced a continuous coil innerspring in its Serta Perfect Sleeper line that provided better support to the shoulders, back and hips.


Serta introduced the most significant comfort innovation in its history, Comfort Quilt®. A combination of fibers and convoluted foam in the quilt of the mattress, Comfort

Quilt helps to improve circulation, which reduces tossing and turning for a more restful night’s sleep.

Increasing durability, Serta introduced the Triple Beam® Frame. Three layers of prime lumber deliver more than twice the strength of traditional box spring frames.

Increased Serta’s plant capacity by more than 300%.

Sales top $500 million.

“We Make the World’s Best Mattress™” campaign is launched.


Serta introduced the Serta Counting Sheep as the reluctant brand icons.

Serta introduced an all-new Perfect Night mattress with several “firsts” including:

The FreeFlex® Innerspring – The most advanced innerspring in the world, it mirrors the shape of the human body and provides 63% more support where the body needs it most.

Sensifiber™ – An exclusive, temperature-regulating fiber that helps to keep a comfortable sleeping surface throughout the night.

Quad Beam Frame – Four layers of prime lumber deliver more than twice the strength of regular wood frames.


Serta US wins a Gold Effie for its Serta Counting Sheep advertising campaign.


Serta becomes the first national mattress brand to offer a flame-retardant system in its mattresses.


Serta introduces FireBlocker.


Serta launches the Serta Pedic Collection of innerspring mattresses.


The beloved Serta Counting Sheep are named Advertising Icon of the Year in US.


Serta redesigns its flagship mattress, the Perfect Sleeper, with input from the National Sleep Foundation, specifically to address 5 common sleep problems; the Perfect Sleeper becomes the Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation.

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